How to Check Your Nokia Mobile – Simple Steps and Codes

Check Your Nokia MobileAre you curious about how to check if your Nokia mobile is original or not? Or maybe you are just trying to find out your phone’s number? Well, I have got some easy peasy tricks and codes that will help you do all this in no time. And guess what? You dont need to be a tech guru to understand them! So, lets get started, and dont forget to check out more cool stuff on for the latest mobile prices and specs in Pakistan.

What is a Nokia Mobile Check Code?

First things first, let is talk about what a Nokia mobile check code is. These are special codes that you can type into your Nokia phone to get different kinds of information like your phone’s model, the software it is running, and much more. It is like having a magic key that unlocks hidden information about your phone!

Common Nokia Codes You Should Know

1. Nokia Mobile Check Code

For all of you in Pakistan, just dial *#0000# on your Nokia phone, and voila! It will show you the model of your phone and the software version. Super simple, right? This is the basic Nokia mobile check code that works like a charm every time.

2. Nokia 105 Original Check Code

Got a Nokia 105? To make sure it is the real deal, press #92702689# (#war0anty#). This will open up a menu that gives you all the juicy details about your phone—when it was made, how long you have been using it, and more.

3. How to Check Original Nokia Phones by Checking IMEI Code

This ones important, folks! To check if your Nokia phone is original, type *#06# to get your IMEI number. This unique code is like your phone’s ID card. Once you have it, you can go online to certain websites or even visit to verify if your Nokia is genuine.

4. Nokia Code to Find Phone Number

Need to find out your own phone number but keep forgetting it? Just dial *#100# and your Nokia will display your number. Easy as pie!

5. Nokia Security Code – 8 Digit

If you need to reset your Nokia phone, you might need the security code, which is typically an 8-digit number. If you have not changed it, try the default 12345 or 0000. Remember, using these reset features should be done carefully!

6. Nokia Secret Codes and Tricks

Are you a fan of knowing secret stuff? Well, Nokia phones have loads of secret codes that can show you new tricks. For instance, *#7760# shows the manufacturing code, and *#7370# will reset your phone software (but dont do this without saving your data first!).

Remember to Be Careful

While using these codes can be fun and useful, always remember that some codes can reset your phone and make you lose your data. Always make sure to backup your stuff before trying anything that might reset your phone.

Why These Codes Matter

These codes are super helpful for checking important info about your Nokia phone without needing any fancy tools. Whether you are buying a used phone and want to make sure it is not a fake, or just curious about your phone’s features, these codes are here to help you out.

Always use these codes wisely, and remember that checking your phone’s details can help you take better care of it. For more awesome tips and the latest on mobile prices, check out We have got all the info you need on Mobile prices in Pakistan, Latest mobile prices, Mobile Prices and Specs.

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