How To Calculate PTA Tax On Mobile

How To Calculate Pta Tax On MobileHow to Calculate PTA Tax on Mobile

Are you wondering how much tax you need to pay for your mobile phone in Pakistan? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand how to calculate PTA tax on mobiles easily.

What is PTA Tax?

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) tax is a fee that you need to pay when you bring a mobile phone from abroad to Pakistan. This tax is important because it helps the government keep track of all the mobile phones in the country.

How to Check PTA Tax on Mobile

To check how much tax you need to pay, you can use the PTA tax calculator by IMEI. IMEI is a unique number that every mobile phone has. You can find your phone’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone.

PTA Tax Calculator by IMEI

You can visit the PTA website or use the DIRBS PTA app to calculate the tax. Just enter your IMEI number, and the calculator will tell you how much tax you need to pay.

PTA Mobile Tax List

The tax amount varies depending on the type of phone and its price. You can find a PTA mobile tax list on the PTA website or on our website, This list will give you an idea of the tax rates for different mobile phones.

FBR Mobile Tax

Apart from PTA tax, you might also need to pay FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) mobile tax. This tax is also based on the price of your phone.


DIRBS (Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System) is a system introduced by PTA to control the use of illegal mobile phones in Pakistan. It’s important to register your phone with DIRBS to avoid any issues.

PTA Mobile Registration

To register your mobile phone with PTA, you can visit the PTA website or use the DIRBS app. You’ll need to provide your IMEI number and some other details to complete the registration.

PTA Tax on iPhone

If you’re bringing an iPhone to Pakistan, you’ll need to pay PTA tax on it. The tax amount depends on the model and price of the iPhone.

PTA Tax Calculator 2024

Every year, the tax rates might change. You can use the PTA tax calculator for 2024 to find out the latest tax rates for your mobile phone.

Tips for  Calculating PTA Tax

  • Always use the official PTA website or DIRBS app to calculate the tax.
  • Make sure to enter the correct IMEI number of your phone.
  • Check the latest PTA mobile tax list for updated tax rates.
  • Don’t forget to register your phone with PTA after paying the tax.

Calculating PTA tax on mobiles is easy if you know the right steps. Just use the PTA tax calculator, check the mobile tax list, and register your phone with PTA. If you need more information about mobile prices in Pakistan or the latest mobile prices, you can visit our website,

Remember, paying your PTA tax is important to keep your phone legal and avoid any problems. So, make sure to calculate and pay your tax on time.

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