How to Open AppLock Using Your Dial Pad

Open AppLock Using Your Dial PadToday we are going to talk about a very handy trick on your phone. Have you ever wanted to open AppLock using your dial pad but did not know how? Well, no worries. This article will show you simple steps to do just that. Whether you are young or just young at heart, these steps are easy to follow. Let is start learning how to open AppLock by dial pad, and remember, you can always find the latest mobile prices and info on

What is AppLock?

AppLock is a popular app that keeps your mobile apps safe from unwanted access. It lets you put a lock on apps like your photo gallery, messages, and other personal apps. This way, you can keep your stuff private and secure.

How to Set Up AppLock

Before we learn how to open AppLock from the dial pad, you need to have AppLock installed on your phone. Here is how to set it up:

  1. Download AppLock from your phones app store.
  2. Open the app and set a password or pattern that you can remember.
  3. Choose the apps you want to lock.

Now, with AppLock all set, let is move to the exciting part.

How to Open AppLock by Dial Pad

Sometimes, the AppLock icon disappears or you just want to access it quickly. That is where your phone’s dial pad comes in. Here is what you do:

  1. Open your phone’s dial pad as if you are going to make a call.
  2. Type a special code. This code is usually set when you first set up AppLock. It might look something like *#*#12345#*#* (12345 should be your code).
  3. Press the call button and, voila, AppLock should open.

How to Open AppLock from Dialpad?

If you are having trouble, remember to check if you are using the right code. The code should be the one you set during the AppLock setup. If you forget it, you might need to reset it from the AppLock settings or reinstall the app.

How to Open App Lock with Dial Code?

Using the dial code is super handy! Just remember, the dial code is like a secret key to your private space on your phone. Keep it safe and only share it with people you trust.

How Do I Open the App Lock Setting?

If you need to change your AppLock settings:

  1. Open AppLock by using your dial pad.
  2. Enter your password or pattern.
  3. Go to the ‘Settings’ menu in AppLock. Here, you can change your password, update security settings, or add more apps to lock.

What is the Keypad Code for AppLock?

The keypad code for AppLock is what we discussed earlier. It is the code you use on your dial pad to open AppLock quickly. Keep this code safe and handy.

Tips for Keeping Your Phone Secure

  • Always keep your AppLock password or pattern hard to guess.
  • Do not share your keypad code with others.
  • Regularly update your AppLock settings to keep things tight.

Now you know how to open AppLock using your dial pad. It is easy and fast, giving you quick access to your locked apps when you need it. Remember, keeping your apps locked is a smart way to protect your privacy. For more tips and tricks and to keep up with the latest mobile prices in Pakistan, check out Stay safe and keep your phone secure

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