How To Create Barcode In Coreldraw x3

How To Create Barcode In Coreldraw x3Do you know what a barcode is? It’s those black and white lines you see on products in the store. Today, I’m going to tell you how to make your own barcode using a program called CorelDraw X3. It’s like a fun drawing game on the computer!

Step 1: Open CorelDraw X3

First, start your computer and open CorelDraw X3. It’s a program for making cool designs and pictures. If you don’t have it, ask an adult to help you get it.

Step 2: Choose the Barcode Tool

In CorelDraw X3, look for a tool that looks like a barcode. It’s usually on the left side. Click on it to start making your barcode.

Step 3: Draw Your Barcode

Click and drag your mouse on the screen to draw a rectangle. This is where your barcode will appear. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect; you can always change it later!

Step 4: Set Up Your Barcode

A window will pop up where you can choose what kind of barcode you want to make. There are many types, but let’s pick the one called “EAN-13” for now. This is a common barcode used on products.

Step 5: Enter Your Numbers

Now, you need to enter the numbers for your barcode. You can make up your own numbers or use some from a real product. Type them into the box and press “OK.”

Step 6: Customize Your Barcode

You can change how your barcode looks by clicking on it and choosing different options. You can make the lines thicker, change the size, or even add some text.

Step 7: Save Your Barcode

When you’re happy with your barcode, save your work. Go to “File” at the top, then “Save As,” and choose where you want to save it. Give it a name and click “Save.”

Step 8: Print Your Barcode

If you want to see your barcode on paper, you can print it. Go to “File” again, then “Print,” and follow the instructions to print your barcode.

Making Barcodes in Other CorelDraw Versions

You can also make barcodes in other versions of CorelDraw, like CorelDraw X7. It’s pretty much the same, but the tools might look a bit different. Just follow the same steps, and you’ll have your barcode in no time!

Free Barcode Generators

If you don’t have CorelDraw, don’t worry! There are free barcode generators online. You can find them by searching “coreldraw barcode generator free download” on websites like Just follow the instructions on the website, and you’ll have your barcode.

Inserting Barcodes in Older CorelDraw Versions

If you’re using an older version of CorelDraw, like CorelDraw 11, you can still add barcodes. Look for the barcode tool in the menu, and follow the same steps. It’s just as easy!

Making a barcode in CorelDraw X3 is fun and easy! You can use it for your own projects or just for fun. Remember, if you need more info on barcodes or mobiles, check out They have all the latest mobile prices in Pakistan and more.

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