How To Check SDK Version In Websphere Application Server

how to check sdk version in websphere application server

WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a software product by IBM. It helps businesses to create and manage web applications. It’s like a big computer program that lets you use different internet applications easily.

Why Check SDK Version

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It’s a set of tools for building software. Checking the SDK version in WebSphere Application Server is important. It helps you know which tools you’re using to build your applications. It’s like checking your toolbox before starting a project.

How to Check SDK Version

  1. Open the WebSphere Console: First, you need to log into the WebSphere Application Server’s console. It’s like entering your secret code to get into a special room.
  2. Navigate to Troubleshooting: Look for the “Troubleshooting” section. It’s where you can find tools to solve problems.
  3. Click on ‘Java SDKs’: In the Troubleshooting section, you’ll see an option called “Java SDKs.” Click on it. This is where you can see all the Java versions.
  4. Check the SDK Version: Now, you can see the SDK version for your WebSphere Application Server. It’s like finding the exact tool you need in your toolbox.

How to Check Java Version in WebSphere

Java is like the language your WebSphere server speaks. To check the Java version:

  1. Open WebSphere Console: Log in to your server’s console.
  2. Go to Servers: Click on “Servers” and then “Server Types.”
  3. Select WebSphere Application Server: Choose your server from the list.
  4. Check Java Version: You’ll see the Java version under “Java SDK Version.” It’s like finding out what language your server speaks.

How to Check WebSphere Version in Linux

If you’re using Linux, you can check the WebSphere version by:

  1. Open Terminal: Open the Linux terminal. It’s like opening a door to talk to your computer.
  2. Navigate to WebSphere Directory: Use the “cd” command to go to the WebSphere directory.
  3. Run VersionInfo Command: Type “./” and press Enter. This will show you the WebSphere version.

How to Check IBM Java Version in Linux

For IBM Java version:

  1. Open Terminal: Again, start with opening the Linux terminal.
  2. Navigate to Java Directory: Use “cd” to go to the Java directory in your WebSphere installation.
  3. Run Java Version Command: Type “java -version” and press Enter. This will show you the IBM Java version.

How to Change Java Version in WebSphere

To change the Java version:

  1. Open WebSphere Console: Log in to the console.
  2. Go to Java SDKs: Find the “Java SDKs” option under Troubleshooting.
  3. Select New Version: Choose the Java version you want to use and save the changes.

Supported Java Versions

WebSphere 9 supports Java 8 and Java 11. It’s important to use a supported version for your applications to work properly.

WebSphere Application Server Latest Version

The latest version of WebSphere Application Server is Version 9. It comes with new features and improvements.

IBM WebSphere Application Server End of Support Dates

IBM provides support for WebSphere versions for a certain period. You can check the end of support dates on the IBM website. It’s like knowing until when you can get help from IBM.

WebSphere 9 and Java 11

WebSphere 9 supports Java 11. This means you can use the features of Java 11 in your WebSphere applications.

Checking the SDK version in WebSphere Application Server is important for maintaining your applications. It’s like making sure you have the right tools for your project. Always keep your WebSphere and Java versions up to date for the best performance.

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